road3I am currently working on three areas of study.

  • As I've used MS Azure for some client solutions, I am working on a deeper understanding of the Microsoft Cloud Computing plattform.
  • Along with that I am also working on a better understanding of MS Powershell, as this play a part in managing Azure, and will play a bigger part in the future for Azure as well as other MS products.
  • Finally, I am brushing up on my MS Server knowledge with a course of Microsoft 2016 Server.

Because of all this stuff might break or change here in the future. Eventually, I would also like to get more into C#. All this said, I am definately not a  MS geek. I would also like to get a deeper understanding of the Linux world, with which I have been involved since cirka 1995.

This is the Skjoldebrand family site. Stuff will be added. Also expect things to break, maybe badly, as this is my lab server and I might be fiddling around quite a bit in the background at times.